We Libertines of 1993 (Reading Festival)

August 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

It was I think a certain Tuesday of 2004. I was barely 11 years old when I turned on the radio and heard a song that would permanently blow my mind away for all my teenage years to come. I scrawled down the name of the band, The Libertines, on my unused notepad, and from that day on I became a music fanatic. I am, like many many other Libertines fans born of 1993, someone who exponentially enthused about the band ever since just before they split up; it was entirely fitting that the first song I heard by them was indeed ‘What Became of the Likely Lads’. The Libertines have always seemed a sort of extinguished paradise to me, a band that I would never see live and a band that would always stay firmly ‘before my time’ despite all love and dedication I poured over each and every track they ever made. A band, whose albums I would never be waiting for, but instead always contently trying to relive.

It’s 2010 and I’m at school and Marcus sends me a link over the internet saying “bet you wish you hadn’t already spent your money on a Latitude ticket eh”. I click the link. My heart bounces violently against my rib cage as I see on the very top of Reading Festival’s lineup those very stenciled letters that I’d worshipped for half a decade; The Libertines.

I stood alone at the front of a 100,000, my eyes fixed upon the empty stage, the lights and the busy stage people doing the sound tracks. I had never thought I would ever see the band of my dreams and imagination, and justifiably, I was humongously nervous about seeing Pete and Carl come out on the stage together for the first time in my whole little life. I was totally and utterly transfixed as we waited the long wait for the appearance of the Likely lads; many days (not just £180) had been spent dreaming of this coming moment. My facial expression was insecurely blank with nerves and excitement. And 1 hour later, 4 people having come on to the stage, performed and departed, my face was unchanged, I didn’t entirely understand what had just happened.

I think The Libertines were always an untouchable passion for me; they had contently rested in peace within my pre-teen and adolescent mind for all my conscious years. I wasn’t prepared for the wakening-pinch and I may never be. Seeing The Libertines play live in 2010 was like bringing back someone from the dead in the form of a strange and out-of-place nostalgic ghost. Seeing The Libertines play live in 2010 was like looking painfully back into the brightest blinding and most special sun I could ever had wanted to stumble across on the radio.

But what the fuck, we love them; long live The Libertines.

The Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into The Sun

 expect more Reading reviews and more of my new abstract photos in the coming days!



Smiling in Storms

August 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

The tide can get rough and the waves can get tall and daunting. The wind can pick up and shake about my bones, the vessel that’s adopted my brain and heart can get thrown about and make me feel foreign and afraid. I could be out at sea for a year, battling with my surroundings, trying to stride defiantly. Smiling in storms isn’t what I’m here for. One day I might call this home. And I can warm up my frozen fingers.

Ben Cooper susses that unique feeling of home in ‘Welcome Home’.

Radical Face – Welcome Home

VIP Was Los?!

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I’m top left.

Step step step, listen to Odissi‘s meaningful nouns, get a little carried away with the flailing and the flowing, get a little ahead of the strange prolonged intro – utter to others “it’s coming! it’s coming! es kommt! es kommt!”. Because my god does it bleeding come. On precisely the 50th second, Quest leads out the drum fill which leads to the- BAAAAAAM! It drops into the finest breakbeat one could muster.

The rest of the song is just pure sweat and adrenalin. Trust me, I was there.

Quest and Odissi – Fear

V.I.P Was Los?! is like a German version of Ali G but better.


Coming Clean

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Gazing back through the weather ridden glass, cracked in places, the picture on the other side strangely faded and broken up in places. Time has piled up on  shoulders and the things that were felt are like distant forgotten photographs. But I, I could have even been in love, it’s hard to say, all I know is that those three weeks eight months ago have stayed present in my head through all wind, sun and rain, through all other kisses and other eyes, through all the songs I wrote and all the songs I didn’t, through all the letters I wrote but didn’t send and all the ones I received. I’m still weighed down by all the mountains of snow that arrived in the winter of of last year. She didn’t want to move on, but I was trying to grab hold of any chance to escape the woe, guilt and worry. It’s eight months now, she’s high above in the air, I’m slowly floating back down to the ground I left so thoughtlessly. My love is but a dream that takes me to the blue at night.

My love isn’t real, I’m just hooked up on all the pictures in the head, the pictures of a happy boy and a happy girl, together and not apart.


Jay Jay Pistolet – Hooked Up On Us

Jay Jay Pistolet doesn’t exist anymore.


, George

Blogs you should read offer bands that you need.

August 21, 2010 § 3 Comments

I asked these music blogs to suggest a new band each that was taking their world by storm

All great blogs, all great bands.

Indie Shuffle –  Junip

The Blue Walrus –  The Whiskey Priest

Slowcoustic –  Zachary Lucky

Song, by Toad –  The Japanese War Effort

Pie Tonight CheeseHorse Feathers

Knox Road –  The Farewell Circuit

Silence Nogood –  GAYNGS

SFCritic –  Freddie Gibbs

Loft and Lost –  Bright Spark Destroyer

Muruch –  Allison Crowe

Reviler –  Tender Meat

Cover Lay Down –  Jeff Pianki

We Listen For You –  SOARS

Personal Highlight:

The Farewell Circuit – Brothers Eyes

Baths Interview

August 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

Despite living hundreds and hundreds of miles away from the red hot west coast of North America, I was still able to catch up with Will Wiesenfeld (a.k.a Baths). I asked him 5 questions.

Here they are:

 I’m getting the love atmosphere to Cerulean. What would you say generally influenced the album? (including other musicians)

 A number of things, definitely love… A lot of positivity? water….? Influenced by SO many artists, but was listening to a lot of Cocteau Twins around the time I was making the album? don’t know if that played a direct role…

I decided not to edit out the question marks.

How did it feel when you found out Dntel was gonna do the remix of Rain Smell? Any thoughts on the remix?

AMAZING + AMAZING. Literally a dream come true.

Here it is folks:

How would you put your sound in a few words to a curious stranger?

I tend to like saying “Electronic music from a songwriting perspective.” Don’t know if that sounds terrible though…

Have you got any plans regarding an embarkment over the Atlantic Ocean and playing a few gigs around the world?

YESSSSS!! November I get to play a number of dates in the UK: www.myspace.com/bathsmusic
so excited. I want to play EVERYWHERE 🙂

Finally, if you could blog about any song right now, what would it be?

I’ve been loving the song “From the Beach” by Asura, but haven’t had the chance to listen to a hell of a lot of new music lately…

Baths’ choice:

Asura – From The Beach


Cerulean has a knack of being able to take your worries for walks around the cabbage fields and peaceful hide-aways. The panned percussion direct an organised snooze where your dreams get as real as your reality gets dreamy. This isn’t all about getting out in space;  such an objective would be slightly crude – Cerulean is just like those good moments when you’re lying in large basin of water, body sometimes hot, with no objective other than to daydream and every so often scrub off the dirt.

Buy it.

Baths – Maximalist

Leefest ’10

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So Lee and his gang have been doing this festival lark since 2006 and this year I went down for the 5th ever LeeFest where the likes of The Futureheads, The King Blues and Jakwob were billed to excite and delight all 2000 attendees of the South Bromley festival.

Serious fun. So good in fact the I clumsily mashed together a little video edit of some of the antics and hijinks.

Such a good day was had by all. The King Blues were a set late and seemed compelled to put on the show of their lives, in fact every band we saw seemed compelled to put on the show of their lives. Fantastic to see so many bands for the first time and to see them absolutely nail it. Mean Poppa Lean were pretty much the definition of a festival highlight.

Smoothly run, but still with some hilarious tell tale signs that this is a festival that knows how to have fun. The security seemed to have prepared dance routines for many of the acts, volleyballs knocked pints out of hands throughout the day, and the youngest got drunk on ridiculous moshing. King Charles became the most overtly middle class rock star I know of by playing his guitar with an iPhone 4.

quite possibly the highlight of the Summer.

see you next year,


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