I Would Like To Turn Right Back Around

August 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Evan Voytas – I Took A Trip On A Plane

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This one sort of hovers on a twinkling ride cymbal and a weary worded melody; ‘dreamy’ would be a most suitably perfect adjective. In my own response, I feel I could spread my arms out and float around with a vacant face, sweetly moaning the chorus and the ‘la-di-da’s that sometimes appear behind verses. It’s dolefully gentle on the senses as it plays with the somberly  innocent report of an outing in the air. Aeroplanes are interesting things. Evan Voytas captures a slight absurdity of such things through his snoozy vocals that drift comfortably on the most drowsy jazz tempo. The absurdity keeps the song brittle enough to refrain Mr. Brain from being tempted by Mr. Sleep’s respectable requests for a possible takeover; the thought of aeroplanes stirs something odd in me that I’d rather postpone adjourning, it also fills me with a terrible longing to get out of this country immediately. Like right now.




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