Music For Heartbroken Fish

August 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

Germany Germany – 120


Like watching an ex-girlfriend kissing from beneath the water of a swimming pool. Warped detachment followed by a growing involvement which becomes slowly more emotional. I must admit that I have never caught sight of an ex-girlfriend as I swim underwater at the local swimming pool, kissing or otherwise, but it feels like quite a vivid image. It’s an image that becomes stronger when listening to Germany Germany.

I feel like there is something strikingly aquatic and emotional about 120 as the home made static releases shimmering and bubbling melody which in turn succumbs to the deep and slightly distant beat. For all this beautiful complexity the song stay extraordinarily calm and clear. The different parts of the song feel very connected and seem to play around each other with minds of their own, such is the mastery of Drew Harris. Drew is the brains behind this operation and, rather satisfyingly, plays all the instruments you hear. He has just released his third EP, from which 120 is taken. find it here. they are free.

in other news I Buy Music is a new initiative that has started up recently thanks to the good folk at Absolutely Kosher and is a genuinely excellent thing in the world. Please support the independent music industry. Looking at the #1 album in the UK and the USA right now there are still a few sound minded indie music heads about.




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