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August 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Marthas and Arthurs – Sally Started It All

free download

Seriously good work from Marthas and Arthurs who sent the most excellent e-mail in about their EP Apes in Aeroplanes having had a peek about submissions blurb in our “about the blog” section.

I chose this song from their new EP because it’s about a girl who is to be married and I just met up with the first of my friends to be married. And while the song quickly moves on to lyrics that don’t have anything to my betrothed friends the music more than keeps my attention.

One thing my friends mentioned was that she was becoming more and more aware of is how she feels no older than her 20 year old self even though life is racing on at an alarming pace. I would like to think that this song somehow captures that mixture of contemplation and feeling a bit carried away.

If you like this then do please check out the free EP on BandCamp, heck you can even join the band if you want to (terms and conditions apply).



p.s. Leefest post coming soon, if anyone was given a small card that looked a little bit like this then thankyou very much. what a day.

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