Guest Post – Jack Steadman

August 17, 2010 § 4 Comments

There often comes a time when APFOS needs to take a break from the constant routine of brotherly blogging and let someone else make a refreshing input. Here’s our 3rd ever guest post: meet James!
Despite being a huge fan of the band Bombay Bicycle Club; bouncing back from an emphatic debut album with a stunningly beautiful acoustic record, and their third album (fully electric) securely in the pipeline, it is, somewhat ironically, not them who I am here to talk about. Anyone who is familiar with BBC’s unique sound would instantly recognise the crooning voice of Jack Steadman the ever-charismatic, super-mellow frontman who, in my opinion, embodies all that is exciting about music at the moment.

Steadman manages to find the time to experiment with all sorts of solo projects, from his solo-acoustic work to a rather more obscure spaced out electronica vibe. His breadth of musical talent is breathtaking and his genuine love of making music is what makes me believe why everything he touches turns to pure gold.

It was this track that really got me excited about what Steadman was doing, he samples parts of ‘Come On’ by Hendrix and the results are out of this world, the song almost seems to leap out of the speakers, desperate to be heard, daring the listener to dislike it. Steadman somehow manages to create a piece of music which balances a chilled sincerity with a pulsating beat and stacatto rythmns that are unquestionably danceable and infinitely listenable.

Jack Steadman – Good Times Roll (Remix)
If you are still not convinced by this guy, just take a listen to ‘Dorcas’, a brilliant showcase of his undoubtable music credentials. Anyone that has ever picked up a guitar will relate with the fact that this Rodrigo y Gabriella esque performance is picked wincingly fast and is irrevocably impressive. Interestingly, Steadman converted this song into a masterpiece, called ‘My God’ with the whole band on the album ‘Flaws’; his irresistible voice providing the perfect forground to the simultaneously haunting but uplifting melodies of ‘Dorcas’. Enjoy.
Bombay Bicycle Club – Dorcas
Bombay Bicycle Club – My God

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