Pepper Heavens

August 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

Alphabets Heaven – Arka

Raw like a lion on steroids. Short song, short temper, short variance to go over the top and take things with solemn eyes. I can almost see the humongous speech bubbles shooting out from every little processed snare. It’s a big tune with rugged cutoff and low resonance; what it doesn’t release, is made up for in the confrontational attack. Picture an explosion… This song is your soundtrack. Explosive sums a lot of these 106 seconds up come to think of it.


This song’s off 2999, a ‘compilation’ off of Peppermill Records.

What’s Peppermill Records?

I’ll let them tell you:

“The Peppermill is a fun little netlabel based in the mountains of British Columbia, attempting to make interesting musical art. We specialize in collaborative projects, with artists taking part from every corner of the planet. All the albums we make are free downloads once they’re finished.”

So for more info and loads of good music that just happens to be free, head to the Peppermill homepage!


Back to the music of 2999.

Dntel also blurrily features. This song’s a beautiful Blue Whale gliding through the clouds, acknowledging but not paying attention to its surroundings. A most content Blue Whale. What’s it for you?

Dntel – Super Antihistamine

The people at Peppermill were recently in the mountains at over 3000m high, entertaining guests with their very own unique music festival!


But that’s all for now,

 Marcus back soon with a bang and a whole lot of stories to tell!

but for now,


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