Coming Clean

August 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Gazing back through the weather ridden glass, cracked in places, the picture on the other side strangely faded and broken up in places. Time has piled up on  shoulders and the things that were felt are like distant forgotten photographs. But I, I could have even been in love, it’s hard to say, all I know is that those three weeks eight months ago have stayed present in my head through all wind, sun and rain, through all other kisses and other eyes, through all the songs I wrote and all the songs I didn’t, through all the letters I wrote but didn’t send and all the ones I received. I’m still weighed down by all the mountains of snow that arrived in the winter of of last year. She didn’t want to move on, but I was trying to grab hold of any chance to escape the woe, guilt and worry. It’s eight months now, she’s high above in the air, I’m slowly floating back down to the ground I left so thoughtlessly. My love is but a dream that takes me to the blue at night.

My love isn’t real, I’m just hooked up on all the pictures in the head, the pictures of a happy boy and a happy girl, together and not apart.


Jay Jay Pistolet – Hooked Up On Us

Jay Jay Pistolet doesn’t exist anymore.


, George


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