We Libertines of 1993 (Reading Festival)

August 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

It was I think a certain Tuesday of 2004. I was barely 11 years old when I turned on the radio and heard a song that would permanently blow my mind away for all my teenage years to come. I scrawled down the name of the band, The Libertines, on my unused notepad, and from that day on I became a music fanatic. I am, like many many other Libertines fans born of 1993, someone who exponentially enthused about the band ever since just before they split up; it was entirely fitting that the first song I heard by them was indeed ‘What Became of the Likely Lads’. The Libertines have always seemed a sort of extinguished paradise to me, a band that I would never see live and a band that would always stay firmly ‘before my time’ despite all love and dedication I poured over each and every track they ever made. A band, whose albums I would never be waiting for, but instead always contently trying to relive.

It’s 2010 and I’m at school and Marcus sends me a link over the internet saying “bet you wish you hadn’t already spent your money on a Latitude ticket eh”. I click the link. My heart bounces violently against my rib cage as I see on the very top of Reading Festival’s lineup those very stenciled letters that I’d worshipped for half a decade; The Libertines.

I stood alone at the front of a 100,000, my eyes fixed upon the empty stage, the lights and the busy stage people doing the sound tracks. I had never thought I would ever see the band of my dreams and imagination, and justifiably, I was humongously nervous about seeing Pete and Carl come out on the stage together for the first time in my whole little life. I was totally and utterly transfixed as we waited the long wait for the appearance of the Likely lads; many days (not just £180) had been spent dreaming of this coming moment. My facial expression was insecurely blank with nerves and excitement. And 1 hour later, 4 people having come on to the stage, performed and departed, my face was unchanged, I didn’t entirely understand what had just happened.

I think The Libertines were always an untouchable passion for me; they had contently rested in peace within my pre-teen and adolescent mind for all my conscious years. I wasn’t prepared for the wakening-pinch and I may never be. Seeing The Libertines play live in 2010 was like bringing back someone from the dead in the form of a strange and out-of-place nostalgic ghost. Seeing The Libertines play live in 2010 was like looking painfully back into the brightest blinding and most special sun I could ever had wanted to stumble across on the radio.

But what the fuck, we love them; long live The Libertines.

The Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into The Sun

 expect more Reading reviews and more of my new abstract photos in the coming days!


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