WiDe eYeD Rusko! (Reading Festival)

September 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

I had been blown away up to oak tree heights during Four Tet, I could see for miles and it felt very natural to contemplate on the happenings and happiness. I stayed at the tent (oblivious to the calls of Paramore and the other performing bands I disliked) and made haste to start utilising the energy that had come to me during Kieran’s set as if in a dream.

I heeded the prods of my bladder and went sat in the festival shits which as we all know is an experience not to be savoured and the shorter this sentence is, the better.

I came back to the now surging mob of an audience, spilling out the sides of the huge dance tent. Everyone was going fucking mental. I took a few breathes to recompose my brain to this slightly startling situation and declared to myself a will to get right in to the beating throbbing pumping centre of all the dragging mass. Did I mention Rusko was playing?

I remember back in the slightly earlier days of this blog, the days when everything was delightfully peaceful (say 20 views a day!), everything was very cosy and pleasing, and then BANGNAGAGNNGBAMM!!! I wrote a post SLAMMING ‘dubstep’ in to a small carton of out-of-date yoghurt, claiming it’s lack of talent and even intelligence. Of course the whole affair was a great misunderstanding where my good intentions of trying to spread out a few tracks by Joy Orbison and Scuba where things don’t just go wobwobwob were presumed to be conspiring anti-mainstream fashionable comments of pure hate. Quick go read it. The point is, A Pocket Full of Seeds received thousands of traffic, all with horrified expressions at my poorly communicated message.

Dubstep makes me smile, it must make you smile as well. At Reading, I found myself swept right in to the heart of movement, we were all jumping, we were all levitating our hands in unison; we were all dancing. Rusko called out at the beginning of his DJ set, “DOES ANYONE HERE LIKE DUBSTEP?!” Everyone screamed their lungs out in wild appreciation, and with that deafening vote of confidence, the wide-eyed Rusko dropped the hugest bass, and from then on we were all there together, skankin’.

Rusko – Woo Boost

This is my third Reading Festival post!



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