View of the Cabbage Please

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

There’s this track that I’m listening to a lot these days. It’s a 12 minute episode and has required little creativity from the artist in terms of production but more in terms of the idea itself. It’s like an abstract painting that most people would find rather silly. It’s in such an obscure state that many people would have silent reservations knocking on their head were they to refer to this situation as a ‘song’.

The reasons I like this song are so blurred compared to the usual for instance dancing-along reaction. When I walk home from the bus stop, I travel through a cabbage field and it was when I was surrounded by crop correlations and green things that this thing struck me through my ipod. I guess I was swaying, as much as a 17 year old can clear-mindedly sway these days, and I was losing my rigid thoughts in the lag and lonliness of the atmosphere. That’s why I like it (I know, blurred right?)

Being able to step back and give this song a chance would be noble, I mean there is a risk this track could only appeal to those weird people who apparently take weird drugs in front of the computer whilst watching psy-trance videos on youtube and feel the need to post comments like ” THIS IS SOOOO GOOD ON ACID” or something of that nature, but then again, they’d probably like anything. If a song is only appealing to you when you’re intoxicated on inhumane substances then we’re missing a link somewhere, we’re missing the music.

This is what happened when RxRy took a Michael Jackson song and twisted every inch of its pop ingredients into a sublime ambience.

RxRy – Human Glaciers

If you’re interested in RxRy’s ideas, then here’s an original which is equally cabbagefieldimpressive!

RxRy – Frlrn Bralb


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