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September 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

I just sit at home and watch adverts these days until the passion finds me again.

School of Languages – Rockist Pt. 1

As you might have picked up from the most recent post “George Goes Beserk In An Orderly Fashion, I’m sort of taking a break from seeping through mp3s, recommendations and offerings and taking time to listen to all the music I treasure and start really getting to know some more albums (instead of just individual tracks that I admire), but also I’ll be surveying other perspectives from different record labels and artists in the form of compilations. This recapping process will last about two days and hopefully it shall incite a new hunger for newer things.

If you haven’t gathered from previous posting, usual brother and co-blogger Marcus has been absent in different countries for a while and I have been temporarily taken the stand as Mr. Poster

Some Albums and Compilations I’ve really got a lot of time for at the moment, old or new, (as I may have posted somewhere on this blog in the past) are part of the following aggregation.

If you’re a fan of this blog and this blog’s perspective then I’d recommend sniffing about these records if sniffing has not already been done.

Use these links wisely.

Baths – Cerulean

Peppermill Records – 2999 (compilation)

Peter Wolf Crier – Inter-Be

Brownswood Recordings – Brownswood Electr*c (compilation)

Oscar Mcclure – Compost Remixes (compilation)

Male Bonding – Nothing Hurts

Geotic – Hearth

The Strange Boys – Be Brave

Asura – Asura

Capgun Coup – Brought To You By Nebraska Fish

So that’s like half ambient electronica and half weird garage indie rock music. What can I say…

Capgun Coup and Geotic are relatively unknown, here’s a bit:

Geotic LIVE (Will Wiesenfeld from Baths)

Capgun Coup – Uh Huh

Happy Listening,



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