You’ve Change.d///

September 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

I just screwed my eyes up and scrunched up my spine over my guitar and yelled out. I then came down to this laptop and played a song. I lent back and opened my eyes to everything and to all the things I could see and couldn’t, could feel and couldn’t, could touch and couldn’t. We’ve change.d/// I hope you don’t have to pin a little sparkly badge on to your chest because of it though; one of those boasting yet shiny declarations of a new hurdle hurdled… or hurdle diverted at least.

Teeeeeeeeeeebs oh you make things interesting. ‘Rest-your -head-on-my-shins-interesting’, ‘inhale-the-myrrh’-interesting. Maybe. This song has a good energy to it.

Teebs – You’ve Changed

Don’t let me explode behind a sizable smokescreen, or maybe I need a smokescreen. Whatever… Julian Lynch is one huge portable smokescreen. OH GOD WHERE’S MARCUS.

Julian Lynch – Just Enough


I’m taking an I B (reather)


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