Coil Up And Nestle

September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Take – Begin End Begin

We are wrong, scowl up, we are wrong. Feel the stroobulating bass swerving in and out of chunky oscillation wrapped around with silver beads and jingling jewellery. Cute jumps with gigantic drops, gets sweat pounded around my forehead and hearts pumped against my chest. My face will run and the tears’ll be sprinting down my neck. Gets me shouting out. Opens my eyes. I was blind until I met you. You’re amazing, let’s roll around and spray paint all over our eyelids.

Take has been in the dublab. Lightening atmosphere…

 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; )

Coil up and nestle in the elephants trunk,

feel the stars blend into your eyes,

talk to the rustle,

and to –

the brustle,

make haste to rest your eyes back

into your head;

we will snooze here.

No but to be honest, Geotic is fruitfully efficient at putting you in a sleepy mood; apart from anything else, this music is just an amazing stress relief and the drones that Will Wiesenfeld creates are more powerful than most drum bands.

Geotic – At Our Cabin In The Woods

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