English California

September 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey, George here.

He’s stirring, moving around, making me wish the atlantic ocean wasn’t quite so spacious. Conor Oberst has got a few gigs around California in the next few weeks [starting today] bu
t then that’s probably big news out there. I was thinking how Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes are really not household names in Britain… I’m always keeping an eye out for a trace of the evident gigantic army of happy teenagers and older that resides frequently on the htmls of the WWW singing the greatest and deserved praise for him. Never satisfied I am. There’s an amazing video here of Oberst in his element (from two years ago). The little girl singing along is probably sublime. I love her in a friendly way (that’s @ 11.55). Would love to hear some internation perspectives on Conor as a whole, I think of him as probably the most talented musician and song-writer of this decade. But you probably guessed?

Conor Oberst – I Don’t Want To Die (In A Hospital)

Anyway, I’m getting that sinking feeling that looms behind me whenever I talk about American music for too long; I should really make the treck and educate myself. I’ll give you my stereotypes; at the moment, my musical image of U.S.A is plastered by the idea of a heavenly California in a denim freyed shirt that I’d probably find extremely intense if I personally were to try and make a musical splash therein. I only think that from hearing all the sounds that Marcus worked with at Absolutely Kosher and also from witnessing how new bands from the area literally get pounced on by the music working ants who carry out-of-proportion food on their heads. I’m thinking Baths is getting that right now… (Pitchfork just reviewed Hall) He is amazing though (I only just configured what ‘blunted’ music means, apparently he’s not that). I get this strange image also probably from reading angry californians on the internet who really like music, I will eternally feel intimidated by such people (californian or not). Then there’s New York which just seems like a neat-looking buttoned up shirt with interesting architecture, steamy bars and tight sounding rock bands. I’m sorry if I have literally taken every word from White Sky by Vampire Weekend and put it onto a city: Contra‘s underrated in my opinion did I say. Of course there are other places of interest in this country but I feel I’ve sort of wandered off with my arm-bands on. Another day maybe…

Well here’s White Sky for the love of it.

Vampire Weekend – White Sky

thanks, I’m George.

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