Daisy Dazed

October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Every boring white is made up from all the colours you can think of. Every boring grey is made up big multi-coloured balloons that make a little bubble-pop noise when you squash them.  When the edges blur, we’re probably all having a better time. When the grey leaves exist; even the most jubilant autumn frenzy of colours become more relevant than the conventional order of routine, dazed-daisy, daisy-dazed. Wake up, get the bus to college, get bored, come home, go to sleep. Wake up, put your eyebrows in the orange juice, swing like a chimp on the bus rails, splash about in truly intriguing and delightful education, snooze like a panda against the bus window, put your head on your enchanting pillow and have amazing dreams. I’m as sober as a judge, but still; life’s more interesting multi-coloured than grey.

Sunlight and all the other things you like to feel on your face. They come together to form a little magnet. The magnet sticks to the insides of your head and pokes out of your ears.

This is one huge recommendation because it could change your life (or at least your shuffle patterns). This is one huge video.

Alvin Band – Temple Pressure (download)

In hindsight this is my favourite song at the moment. This is also one of my favourite videos forever.

G xx

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