Clinging To The Rigging

October 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Eastern Conference Champions – Bloody Bells [download]

So today my house mate watched a documentary in an attempt to relieve a particularly fierce hangover. Sadly he has spent the whole day literally upset about the dwindling oil reserves left on this planet and how we are on the brink of running out of that which fuels our race. Being a spirited house of 8 men we had delightful debate over our pasta (I know, I know, it’s not easy being this awesome). Some of the guys agreed we were pretty fucked, others were going down the “necessity is the mother of invention” route, and others suggested that the shortage of oil was a ploy to keep prices high and were just being screwed by corporate shit.

Now I have no intention of starting a blog on this kind of stuff, simply because I don’t know much about it.

But sometimes in these kind of debates I feel like no one can claim absolute knowledge on anything. Someone can sit me down and very eloquently and persuasively explain how the legalisation of drugs will lead to long term widespread benefits and i’ll take their side absolutely but the same day I will undoubtedly come across someone who would destroy any arguments I regurgitate. Back to square 1.

Anyway. what I’m trying to say is that in times of chaos and raging argument all I can do is cling to the rigging of simpler things, things that I can have faith in and find a degree of reassurance in. Like Eastern Conference Champions, KT Tunstall (I once promised never to post any KT on this blog despite a huge soft spot for the lady… hey ho) or Maps and Atlases (watch out for a live feature on M&A coming in the next few days). You don’t need to prove someone wrong to enjoy this music, or to enjoy anything really. There’s no need to make sure you feel like your taste is better than someone else’s in order to get a kick out of it. Just get your head down and play by your rules.

Maps and Atlases – Pigeon

KT Tunstall – Push That Knot Away

So tomorrow i’m heading up to Leeds with Maddie from Black Gold to have word with Maps and Atlases and Dan and Tom are going to enjoy the FREE show that Sparrow and The Workshop are laying on in Exeter. So you may actually get some regular content from this blog over the next few days, thanks for bearing with us.



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