Shmiles (*circum angulum*)

October 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

Chapter 1 - Around the corner

I’m constantly looking for an escape, constantly looking for new countries and new atmospheres. I’m an explorer. That is why I believe I currently find myself somewhere deep into all the onion layers i started eating when I was 14. I started at The Postal Service, now i’m not quite sure. I don’t think I like software, I like the electronic musicians who play instruments like every other folk. Loops and pixels can be fun, but I think they are only to be savoured when there’s brain fluid splattered all over them like a bloody painting. I’m not that far from The Postal Service in the ranging genre scheme of things, in fact i’ve convinced myself that everything I like is in fact ‘indie’, even if it’s 12 minutes of mind-boggling drones; I still feel “indie” tapping on my external conscience. Is that absurd? I don’t care much for genre words as it happens, they are mere amusements to be played with on a music blog. A music blog enthuses on squeezing all the music into words that we can all understand. A genre is one step further.

Of course I must be somewhat deluded to believe I’ve hit a brick wall in terms of the diversity of sound. I must be! I am but 17. But I cannot deny that is how I feel. Finding music in a seemingly monotonous and prolonged drone is like finding art in an odd-looking shoebox, and yet I find it there pulsating and pushing against my nose, eyes and mouth; pushing like an emotion on sharp-shaped enzymes.

Where it started: Such Great Heights

The journey undertaken here since January 1st has motivated me to step into oceans and all the rivers they feed. I sit here with my shins in the fading stream looking at the sea-mouth feeling slightly deflated. I’m not saying my transition to the different rivers were forced, I was but pushed along in the tide of my music taste. Exploration is for me but natural and not for the sake of its self. Oh no.

I think the key error in my thinking here is my expectation in a constant flow of colours that I have never seen before; each artist offers a new shade of colour until you find yourself on top of a new colour all together, to imagine a new colour that one has never seen before just like that is in itself impossible. But there are a limit to our spectrum of colours. All that’s left for me now is to enjoy each shade of the spectrum until the day I go black&white

All I need is an angry internet person to show me the way. Seriously… I need it.

Chapter 2 - Don't Be Shad

Nifty-shifty. Circ’s holding back the repent that oozes over the tip of my tongue. He lets me germinate peacefully in holy noise of good bitrates and well sculpted panning – well moulded oscillation. The art of not being shad is similar to that feeling when you suddenly see you’re not the only one standing staring at the setting sun. The simple matter is that we could never ever explain EXACTLY how we feel through the medium of crude words; it’s too complex – too full of spontaneous digits that surround a most misleading decimal place. So press the play button and see if you get anywhere. See if you can move. Grin. Grin. Let the pressure push in.

Circa – Don’t Be Shad




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