Earth King With Orrorin

October 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Newman Wolf – Earth King


Well it’s friday and I feel like finding links, clicking on them, finding sublime songs at the end of them – sleeping like some sort of understated pot of gold. This track sort of takes a biscuit, breaks it up (into crumbs) and sings them into a most breath-taking sculpture. It caresses your insides with great affection, far from making you see-sick; it gives your body a feeling of blissful laziness, my eyes need not focus no more until proved otherwise… Many songs do this though, I’m just happy I was shown another one (kudos Baths). You might know the penguins from some Gold Panda, you might know the inhaling bass from some random person like Lone, but the moment we stop harmlessly playing with “who it sounds like”, the moment we can all jump up and start moving hands above our heads. Laughing them [heads] off like the obscenely beautiful person who tops this track off amazingly at 1.45!

Asura – Orrorin

This song however fills me with nothing else but shivers and bristles, a momentous flock of butterflies fluttering against my freckles and my frailties, making them colossal kings in my little world. It’s more than pulsating lights, it’s more than a heartbeat skipping and writhing in your throat. I just can’t seem to take my eyes off mundane surface and texture and feeling like all the tessellation is but pure fate. This for me is like an epileptic frenzy of dreams and memories flashing in and around my eyelids like the pictures you conjure up when you’re reading a book.

, George


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