at the Seams

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

The wind is the voice; a constant and faint breeze. Yards above sea level, above waves and whales. Seams is the little poseidon stirring up all the pops and cracks. Inverted eyes yearning to get a little light, to get a little perspective. These pulses, these prods, they make you fizz and fuzz and hum until all words and worries are seeping through the cotton wool. Sometimes I literally hate this song with fire, sometimes I admire the chord scheme for what it is; a shining yet looming unsaturated haze of colour.

Alan Pownall – Colourful Day (Seams Remix)

Otherwise, Seams has just completed his “concept piece that chronicals a summer spent by the artist living in Berlin”. This quotation fills my mouth with amy lazy. The lead track Hung Markets fills my heart with off-time thuds and car-key clinkles. Everything you need to know about this abum is here.

If there’s one artist I’m peeing myself about right now who isn’t from the funny side of the Atlantic, it’s Seams. His Nightcycles offerings were quite possibly literally enchanting. That Gold Panda remix was pretty much the good-tasting beans.

Seams – Hung Markets




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