October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tall Ships – Books [dahnlowd]

Not the 1st time I have mentioned a band called Tall Ships, in fact it’ the 9th time although only the 2nd for this particular band. Kudos to Tom for getting me excited about these guys after rather unfairly breezing through the first few listens, also kudos to the actual band for playing such a great set last week in support of Maps and Atlases (interview coming soon sorry sorry sorry).

“Killing Time while time slowly kills me”

I can’t think about this lyric enough, 2nd year at uni has been a bit of a drift so far. Nothing gets done as per usual but this time round there are career choices and life-y things staring me in the face and threats carry some real weight. Ive lost count of the amount of times I have made fiercely assertive resolutions to actually make myself cleverer and produce something to show for some effort I might put in but all too quickly I’m back to square one. But a little more frustrated each time.

But I’m giving it another shot. Things can be stripped down and shaken out and I can start to push for a day that isn’t quite so cuddled in campus flavoured security. Maybe even commit to something more impressive than my next meal (impressive though these meals may be).


Just relax and concentrate.




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