Perfect Circle

October 21, 2010 § 1 Comment


Charlie B. Costello –  Girls (demo) [myspace]

Love a good demo. Especially the reverb-licked ones that are bursting with quality and melody and harmony and originality and music.

Charlie B. has got the knack for all these things and puts it all forward in such a laid back catchy way that it’s impossible not to take notice. Everything fits together so well, perhaps most satisfyingly of all is that the beginning plays on perfectly in time from the ending which means it can go on again and again with no jolt or jilting, thoughts escalate with the play count, important things come back into view. So smooth.

In a sentence  this song is a guy expressing some very appreciable sentiments and he’s doing it in the way he knows best. In fact he’s doing better than most.


Charlie B. Costello will be supporting Akala at the O2 on the 8th November





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