Cats and Cats and fake interviews

October 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Cats and Cats and Cats – A Boy Called Haunts


Hullo again. Well I went to see Cats And Cats And Cats last week who played at The Cavern. It was dead and I was tired, the two don’t mix together too well. The show was odd. Standing in a room with a band who’s CD I’ve burnt out this summer, singing along with nobody save a singular comrade and the support acts, well, Ladycop, the other ones buggered off. It was also odd as Eva (violin-cat) has left, so they were playing along to a backing violin track. I’m not selling it, I know. But it was magical.

So it turned out that it was Ben’s (singer-cat) birthday, and they had nowhere to stay, so we let them pop in for the evening along with Ladycop (have I plugged ladycop, yet? LISTENTOLADYCOP!). I had the intention of doing an interview, but they seemed tired and I seemed drunk so I will make up a bit of what DEFINITELY WAS SAID, ok?

ME: Hullo Cats
THEM: Hullo
ME: Nice show, how’s the tour been going?
THEM: Really well, but mixed. We’ve played some shows like tonight, but Durham last night was fantastic. Who would have thunk? Cool cool. We’re playing our final show tomorrow in London, so we’re going to have a load of friends and a big party. Bigger that the one tonight anyway. Eva’s playing her last show there before she goes to WORK FOR THE MAN.
ME: Ah, yeah. What’s it like playing to a backing track?
THEM: Restricting. We couldn’t even play your favorite song, Tom, and for that we cannot apologise enough[sic]. Yeah, it’s not great, but we’re playing with a few people to find a replacement. And boy, when we do…!
ME: So you took quite a while to realease ‘If I Had An Atlas’. What happened?
THEM: Well, we recorded it about 2 years ago, but had a few issues with labels and all. But the we found Function. And they’re cool. And we’re cool with that. And now we’ve got studio time and hopefully that means more music out SOON! Which is also cool.

I forget what else we talked about. We did talk for quite a while. But that was about holidays. And tampons. But they’re lovely, so go buy their music. And maybe go to their shows. Cool.


I got a bit too into this,




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