Maps and Atlases Interview

October 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

BOOM, very late but worth the wait.

So a week or few ago, I myself went up to Leeds to catch a chat with Maps and Atlases on the second date on their headline UK tour, ably supported by Tall Ships and Loose Talk Costs Lives

Have a listen to this.

Maps & Atlases – Living Decorations (Breton Remix) [have it]


APFOS: So it’s coming up to the 6th anniversary of Maps & Atlases, have you figured your sound and your attitude to your music out or are you still experimenting and trying new stuff out?

M&A: It’s important for any band to grow and continue to develop with time and experience, definitely. For us it has been good to spend plenty of time, especially since getting out of full-time school, focussing on us as a band and understanding how we want us to sound etc. There are plenty of bands that go for it all the way as soon as they initially form, but it’s worked out better for us to take our time.

How does being on tour affect your writing output as a band?

The writing of songs happens when it happens i guess, we could be jamming in between sound checks or whatever. We probably write less on tour just because there is so much less time to mess about and play, it tends to annoy people at venues if you just jam on stage for a long time!

And how do your songs tend to come about? Do certain members contribute certain elements?

It’s pretty all over the place in terms of the individual contribution to each song. A lot of the overall sound comes from jamming and layering especially on the early stuff. Since then it’s more a case of taking a structure for a song and then, working with the relationsbhips we’ve developed in the band, we can make things sound as interesting as possible but at the same time having that initial structure allows us to be as concise and focussed as possible so we can get the best of both worlds.

What records were you listening to when the latest record, Perch Patchwork, was written?

There were plenty of records we were listeing to at the time but we wanted to to try and detach as much rather than seek out influences. There are specific artists that were inspiratonal on certain tracks. The Charm for example came about after listening to a lot of Roy Orbison, I really appreciate the song Its Over and wanted to try doing our version of a song as emotionally cathartic as that, which we’ve never really done before.

Favourite new music?

Glasser – Rain   [This is an excellent record and absolutely worth your time on Spotify or Myspace or aything]


Perch Patchwork has been out in the UK on Fat Cat records for about 2 weeks now, have look for yourself here. it’s fantastic.



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