Keenan is King // Come And See The Lights

October 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Alaska. Going somewhere and seeing nothing but nothing. Expanse. Everywhere. I’ve lost my eyes and heart in an Alaskan travel book – I’m finding it hard to get them back. It seems like the utopian dreams and journeys of a 60 year old irishman have indented themselves on my tiny fragile system of thought where small ideas become towering fantasies. I went to go see Brian Keenan (i.e. that guy who got kidnapped and wrote the book about it) at St. Joseph’s College and I never returned; I’m still there, sitting, mouth agawp. And then that led to my own personal discovery of Jack London (i.e. that guy who wrote about the dogs). Never in all my imagination have I ever been so rigidly set on a scene and a scenario, in which all humans are but little things that can see the lights and stroke their pets, but not much else.

Flashguns – Come And See The Lights

I read these books on my bus and I often listen to the same songs, they are efficient at helping my imagination perform to its best ability. They’re like the rabbit ‘fore the hounds that never crosses the finish line; merely hides until it is found again.

As well as the ominous and slightly vague message of this post, I find it hard to think that I could ever articulate my exact reaction to what these authors create. But the Flashguns song is a freakin’ tune; great lyrics that wail so well over the run-away-holding-hands rhythm. It’s a new song by an amazing band that deserve more recognition.


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