Some New Songs

October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m picking up the pips from the puddles and trying to make a picture. Otherwise this post just looks like a happy englishman’s formulation on things that have got nothing do with the earth on which he walks.

I have just returned from a gallavant in the capital.

I was walking over that Millennium bridge and staring content into the stern-faced Themes. You see so many faces when you’re in London; looking back on a trip thereto seems like one gigantic mesh of buzzing busy faces to millions of lives of which you have but no clue. It’s pleasant despite it’s fleeting hurried nature. When you’re surrounded by huge screens blaring out advertisements, when your hair whistles back with the colossal breeze that ensues the terrifying underground train,  Garrett by Newman Wolf is a song that does nothing to me other than stir a great chord within my body and it helps me vibrate past the fleeting faces and the stunning city-bustle. This track is so well crafted; the stutter has developed into a glitch, the swaying head has grown into a sweeping note that manoeuvres within the bass and the snare replica. There’s nothing more to it than a positive reaction and that’s why Newman has me so excited.

Newman Wolf – Garrett


He is of course nothing but a name brought to me by King Will Wiesenfeld, a guy who, as well as making his way into my fantasy land of happy affectionate beings, has recently feeded a new creation (which I in no way feel obliged to post here). I post purely to praise something I like. This Pop Song is a perfect noise to my sitting on a scabby train back home from Liverpool St. with Nathan, watching the shimmering factory lights past me by. It’s only after so many songs made by the same person play out as the backdrop to your most secretive moments, that you lodge yourself an inexplicable affection for the voice behind it all; it happened with Ben Gibbard, Ben Cooper, Conor Oberst, Ezra Kroenig, Rebecca Taylor/Charles Watson and now it’s happened with Will (i.e. Baths).

Baths – Pop Song



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