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October 28, 2010 § 3 Comments

Germany Germany – Last Summer [download]

Reminds me of Lali Puna and maybe Slow Club. Listening to Last Summer feels like standing on a massive pendulum which has just finished one massive swing and has just got to the top of this swing where it pauses. pauses for 4 minutes exactly. There’s been this sensation of terminal velocity as the world and it’s people rush by, but now things are still.

You can take a break from the world and it’s people and do what you need to in order to get yourself ready for the next hurtle.  Think about the parts of the world you are going to swing through again, and where they are going to be. Then hurtle, you must never forget to hurtle.

Germany Germany – River [buy]

Give it 27 seconds and you’ll be a bit hooked. Things are a bit heavier and more intensely instrumented on this one but the feel of the song is pretty extraordinary.  The gasping synthy intro starts to catch breath and with the help of strengthening guitars and snap drumloops the gasping breaths become fuller and deeper until the whole thing just gets up and starts walking.

A lot of the music from Germany Germany has an almost signature organisation to it, everything is bang on time and nicely sketched out. But still full of thoughts and flakey strands. Really gorgeous.
Straight up good music, only so many words can be said about this really, but I like this guy.

Germany Germany released TWO albums yesterday: (Radiowave) on THaF records and another (Last Summer) for free on his own label (Distorted Disco)


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