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November 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

Nobody Wave – Excuse Me Miss

So this is probably the longest time it has taken a record to go from my inbox through the my ears and onto this blog, still it’s been a long time coming but who says the system doesn’t work.

About 5 months ago I got hold of Headgeared by Nobody Wave. The sound sits somewhere between The Strokes and The Libertines, I know those bands arent that far from each other; both pillars of the last 10 years of indie-whatever music and both have a the same fans. Nobody Wave play some seriously good music and while I always find myself rummaging through my brain to try and figure out who they remind me of I never skip a track on my morning shuffle (eh? geddit?) to uni.

I got a similar vibe from the band Laarks who put out one of my favourite albums of the last few years about this time a year ago, you wont take too long to  settle into this music but it still sounds great. Actually it sounds really great and you should check them out.






Sk*nky H*ppy D*rty

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“Dubstep” vomit.

Blanket names help soak up the black moist fumes. And the broken glass on the street floor, crackling so harmlessly, make my feet bleed with burden. With the burden of mechanisms and engine noise deafening in my ears. My poor ears. Best invite everyone over discuss why the hell we’re putting pipes ‘neath the humble and the good. And although this track makes me think of crude oil and red rivers, I feel almost satisfied, almost like we’re going to burn this house down into one motherbluffin’ bonfire so that we can see each-other’s face. It’s eye-catching nuclear rubbish, beautiful in texture, yet mundane in use. Whatever, what was I going to use it for anyway?

Roll out the skanky happy exhaust and increase my dirty heart-rate. I need to stay awake…

Liar – Upghostery



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Sharon Van Etten – Don’t Do It [rightclick]


One day I wont have to write 2000 words in one evening about something entirely boring.


The worst thing about living next to a primary school is that you realise that your day now starts at about the same time you would be going home aged 11.

He’d Prefer You Didn’t Know

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Regardless of whether Kanye’s new album is overrated, there is no doubt that his household name has just increased slightly in font size. He is a celebrity apart from anything else; his fame is greater than his life itself. I don’t know what to make of it. I think it best to conceed that I am just a little bemused and instead of passing a negative and ill-informed judgement on the whole affair (I haven’t even heard the whole album, just seen his name everywhere and everywhere), I will instead pose the a contrasting philosophy of another artist and let your judements be passed. Richard D James (aka Aphex Twin) is an entirely reluctant superstar, his Aphex Twin situation is very known. He has however posted music under many many different names in order to detract his worth and the credit that spindles often in his direction.

I’m not sure what to make of it all; so I speed up the tempo and pretend I don’t have a computer screen in front of me.

Anyway, here’s a song by ~He’d prefer you didn’t know.~ aka “The Tuss”

The Tuss – Rushup I Bank 12

Has to be one of the most sweatiest songs that still retains a certain amount of dignity. Once you get past the irritation it could display, once you accept that there really ARE that many snare sounds per second, you see past it, you dance, you become superior, the sound is not on you; rather you are on the sound. It then puts every  object and movement into slow-motion, and sometimes you need to do that to find the emotions inside you that cannot be understood at your in-experience.




Fictional Perceptions in the Car Shelter

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Burglar bill is in a paradise he can only imagine. I spend a lot of my day holding on to rails, keeping by the yellow lines, spacing my bus seat perfectly away from other humans so that I’m not too close to anyone. I spend a lot of my day seeing people I vaguely know and I always wonder if they think so much as I do about whether to say ‘hi’ or not. Do you? I spend a lot of the time wondering whether to make eye-contact with people when they speak to me, hearing the sound of my shoes rhythmically knocking the ground as I walk, things are rarely instinctual, and when they are, it is ecstasy for me. It’s ecstasy for you as well; euphoria and mind-blowing happiness comes when you finally ‘forget to think’. Drinking rids your self of a conscience, you feel happy; that’s why humans do it. I start relationships when I’m drunk because I forget what the other is thinking and I don’t feel tense. This music is like a liquid cure and it breaks down the Great Wall of Mind that dwells in my head. It’s moving… Stunning.

You know when humans are half-sleeping and someone says something to them… The sleeper’s like “what?” with a jolt of the head and the sudden open of the dreary eyes, back down on the ground, back into the physical structures we perceive with our mind, back into what most people call ‘life’.

I hope you get a holiday with these loves; even if you’re just sitting in the car shelter…

Duncan Powell – Hold You

Submerse & Resketch – Get Away

Our survey says.

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Polls -Executive Toys

It’s usually quite possible to describe music as moving in some manner or other. A soothing synthy number like this might glide along while someone such as The Tallest Man on Earth uses more of a wandering skip to get from A to B.

Executive Toys by Polls is a swimmer. Natural and human but still out of the ordinary. Their latest self titled EP is an impressive volley of this balance between precise, well-measured melodies and the less-than-hi-fi guitars and vocals. I feel like this is the music that the instruments have been wanting to play since the day they were built. The tone of Executive Toys drifts between angular, off-centre guitars and the more flooding resolved parts which have cooing vocals hovering above.

I’m not sure if it’s just because I’ve got the idea of swimming in my head and I have seen a couple of surfing videos today but Polls make me picture a load of bonkers waves carving up a beach as Apache helicopters perform synchronised routines in the sunshine.

Or something equally odd next to the sea

Get your copy here.



‘Allo Gorgeous

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Chet – Saint Jerome, My Baby Tames Lions [downloadit]

So today I had a bit of a hangover. I fucking hate hangovers. Few things are as horrible as sitting through a lecture persuading yourself not to throw up as you gently slip into a ghastly and depressing existential crisis interjected with the occasional numb, manic wave of euphoria as you realise how pathetic you are. Actually I lie, one of the few things worse than this is having a muscle toning belt strapped to you by “mates” who have pinned you down and turned the power up to the max. Feels like being put through a sewing machine.

Anywho the point of all this nasty talk (or the closest I have to a point) is that you need dips to have peaks. I have rarely been as happy as I was when I gained enough composure and physical capability to remove the muscle toning belt from my whimpering torso. We shouldn’t take stuff for granted and the stuff we do take for granted is usually awesome. I know this has been said many time before but Chet reminds me of it.

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