Give it up. I can’t give it up.

November 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tall Ships – Chemistry [dwonlaod]

A song of 2 halves but unmistakably from the 1 band. Tall Ships give full whack to their jerky, catch-me-if you can guitar riffs and strapped on instrumental talent which always reminds me of the sound of their label Big Scary Monsters but the second half lapses and grows into the drenched vocals and perfectly ripe chords which pluck and peel right in front of you and which I love to write about. I’m sitting in my freezing room right now dressed up as if I’m about to trudge off through a ton of snow to some kind of annual convention for cold people, where folks can come together in a huge warehouse and share stories about finger movement inhibition as they wander between stalls that sell wafer thin glazing, ice creams and devices that fuck up your heating.

On the walk to the convention I would listen to the first 1:35 of Chemistry but as the doors of the aluminium air hanger loomed above me the rest of the song would climb up the headphones and enjoy the show with me.

Songs will always find a home with me if they can discuss something that affects huge amounts of people on an individual basis. In 3 minutes. Father Christmas can do it and so do really cold bedrooms.



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