More Caulfield: Pulse for November

November 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

Flashing beat in the  middle of a pitch-black room. The room radiates like a forest. The fire in the middles stimulates the trees until they light up inevitably. And it’s different to their usual swaying in the wind; in-fact the trees travel miles and miles, they all have personalities and they all have voices. But when the fire starts, they all burn the same way. They all burn together excitedly. The Caulfield Beats, Lawrence Northall; he’s  the pulse which I like in the foreground before I venture off to routine and calculations.  Manipulated, vibrating voice – it’s all  a safeguard I can cling on to.

These are the quiet times of November. I’m giddy and ill and I need not much heart-aching lyrics.  Just the oscillation of format sound;  enough to waver my steady situation. Enough to add an element of spontaneity that takes background noise into a whole new significant spectrum of its own. It makes life  ‘interesting’.

It is November isn’t it? A really good thing to do in November is be 17 and make people’s bedrooms cloudy; using this bass as your backbone.

The Caulfield Beats – Two Of Swords


APFoS is quiet with a solemn  autumn reflection, December will bring snow and a climax to 2010 (including 1 year anniversary of beloved blog).

Hurrah! + Suprise interview special coming soon. Stay in tune.



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