Thunderstormzz z z

November 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

Jaunty strobe light over-worked until panic reaches careless euphoria; starvation reaches bubbly feeling of content where hunger is forgotten. Maybe if one were to die on the dance-floor, your spirit would forever live on through the pumping bass and the sparks of the vibration that killed you. These sounds are as electric as my face is skin. There’s more to songs like these than mere soundbiting seconds; just like there’s more to a body than organs and organelles. One feels it like one feels the courage welling up out of one’s chest. It is yes instinct.

Digitalism – Blitz

Digitalismus were one of the first artists I liked who i considered nervously to name “electro”… Back in the 3 teen years ago where all electronica music was referred to as “TECHNO MUSIC YEAH MAN”. I hope there are some 14 year olds reading this, we under-18s always feel slightly left out when every good gig in site is age restricted.


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