‘Allo Gorgeous

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Chet – Saint Jerome, My Baby Tames Lions [downloadit]

So today I had a bit of a hangover. I fucking hate hangovers. Few things are as horrible as sitting through a lecture persuading yourself not to throw up as you gently slip into a ghastly and depressing existential crisis interjected with the occasional numb, manic wave of euphoria as you realise how pathetic you are. Actually I lie, one of the few things worse than this is having a muscle toning belt strapped to you by “mates” who have pinned you down and turned the power up to the max. Feels like being put through a sewing machine.

Anywho the point of all this nasty talk (or the closest I have to a point) is that you need dips to have peaks. I have rarely been as happy as I was when I gained enough composure and physical capability to remove the muscle toning belt from my whimpering torso. We shouldn’t take stuff for granted and the stuff we do take for granted is usually awesome. I know this has been said many time before but Chet reminds me of it.


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