Fictional Perceptions in the Car Shelter

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Burglar bill is in a paradise he can only imagine. I spend a lot of my day holding on to rails, keeping by the yellow lines, spacing my bus seat perfectly away from other humans so that I’m not too close to anyone. I spend a lot of my day seeing people I vaguely know and I always wonder if they think so much as I do about whether to say ‘hi’ or not. Do you? I spend a lot of the time wondering whether to make eye-contact with people when they speak to me, hearing the sound of my shoes rhythmically knocking the ground as I walk, things are rarely instinctual, and when they are, it is ecstasy for me. It’s ecstasy for you as well; euphoria and mind-blowing happiness comes when you finally ‘forget to think’. Drinking rids your self of a conscience, you feel happy; that’s why humans do it. I start relationships when I’m drunk because I forget what the other is thinking and I don’t feel tense. This music is like a liquid cure and it breaks down the Great Wall of Mind that dwells in my head. It’s moving… Stunning.

You know when humans are half-sleeping and someone says something to them… The sleeper’s like “what?” with a jolt of the head and the sudden open of the dreary eyes, back down on the ground, back into the physical structures we perceive with our mind, back into what most people call ‘life’.

I hope you get a holiday with these loves; even if you’re just sitting in the car shelter…

Duncan Powell – Hold You

Submerse & Resketch – Get Away


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