Sk*nky H*ppy D*rty

November 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Dubstep” vomit.

Blanket names help soak up the black moist fumes. And the broken glass on the street floor, crackling so harmlessly, make my feet bleed with burden. With the burden of mechanisms and engine noise deafening in my ears. My poor ears. Best invite everyone over discuss why the hell we’re putting pipes ‘neath the humble and the good. And although this track makes me think of crude oil and red rivers, I feel almost satisfied, almost like we’re going to burn this house down into one motherbluffin’ bonfire so that we can see each-other’s face. It’s eye-catching nuclear rubbish, beautiful in texture, yet mundane in use. Whatever, what was I going to use it for anyway?

Roll out the skanky happy exhaust and increase my dirty heart-rate. I need to stay awake…

Liar – Upghostery


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