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Pocket SateliteToy Train [free]

Few things are as satisfying as a song that wins you over in just a few seconds, better still are songs that deliver on their opening promises. Toy Train cropped up in our inbox a few days ago thanks to an equally promise-delivering PDF-only magazine called P+M, have a read here you can download the whole magazine (50% pictures, 40% Japanese, 10% English) and you get an mp3 compilation which is pretty spectack.

When I feel a blog post coming on about a song I tend to sit with it on repeat and start thinking and typing before editing to a level of coherence. It’s quite an interesting way of listening to music and perhaps not the way most listeners choose to go. But it reminds me of so many other things we go through as people. Things like favourite t-shirts, lucky golf clubs or whatever. So often they win you over in the first few efforts then you have them on repeat as a welcome part of your furniture. How many times have you got out of a relationship (or stayed in one for that matter) which has been little else but an attempt to recapture the first few awesome efforts?

Music provides unlimited opportunities for a a relationship with something that gets better with every try, and if things don’t work out the only thing that loses out is your scrobble chart. Now I’m only 6 listens in to Pocket Satellite but so far so good.


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