Trivial/Overwhelming Happiness

December 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Trivial/overwhelming happiness is what I’m here for in this circumstance. It’s something to cling on with light-hearted enthusiasm, something to make boredom seem slightly more interesting till it becomes an enthused exciting boredom.

Apparently 1000 Names are said to be one of the most famous artists that aren’t recognised by that invisible ‘radar’ that scans all music scenes with the utmost cynicism. One of their debatably best creations is ‘Melonball Bounce’ and it’s almost as crude and trivial as it is undeniably amazing. It takes its satisfaction by splitting the edge off a computer lag – repeating it over and over again until all starts to sound all hilarious and jovial. 1000 Names knew when to stop however and this glitchingswitching joy lasts just under 2 minutes! A perfect mix of quantity/quality that cannot *not* make you smile.

1000 Names – Melonball Dance


And then I just want to shut up because in the process of writing this post, I come across a blogged, trod upon, “up and coming” artist who’s music just blew me away almost as much as any other important artist had before.

Dazed boredom just became alert overwhelming excitement yet also underlying sadness at my lack of ability to go to the bloody USA and see this guy from Leeds support BATHS. AHHH!!! It’s all too good, too god damn good.

Let’s enjoy the musik. Here’s dazlar, aka Star Slinger, and I wish you all the best supporting Will Wiesenfeld and getting blogged a multitude amount of times over the next few years by the a majority of the world.

Star Slinger – May I Walk With You


Star Slinger –¬†Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins Rework)


Maybe this is the story of 1000 Names, people start getting excited about them and then find something else that doesn’t wear a horse head thing on its head. (1000 Names are known to wear horse heads on their heads)

Enjoy the music,



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