Evergreen Seeds Pt I

December 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

So winter is well and truly under way and so we have decided to put another mix together to celebrate how cold it is.

So we have 1 song a day courtesy of Marcus, George and some other new faces and at the end of the week we will put the mixtape together into a lovely package for dwonlaod.

OK here is Dan.

Beach House – Master Of None

When I was asked to think of a song which reminded me of Winter, there were 2 songs which immediately fit my description. Department of Eagles with No One Does It Like You and Beach House Master of None. The links between the two are documented and it is perhaps of little coincidence that the two both evoke, for me, the winter-like quality which I was searching for. On the contrary of suggesting their music is cold, rather that their music is something you can wrap yourself up in, an attractive proposition under the ‘heating on for 2 hours a day’ routine we currently maintain in this house.

So why Beach House and not Department of Eagles? No concrete reason, more of a whim but possibly because Victoria Legrand’s voice possesses a hollow almost tragic trait which is in perfect contrast to music which seems to promise warmth and understanding. Emerging from a near festive scattered organ riff the song then slowly gains structure as the drums chug in like a steam train to the platform. The guitar lies somewhere between novelty Hawaiian and Mazzy Star punctuating the organ drone perfectly. If this is all sounding a bit too ‘look a vintage shop with bikes!’ or ‘look a delightful tea room!’ then the lyrics are deliciously dark (You always come to the parties/to pluck the feathers of all the birds) and possess depth beyond any twee preconceptions you might ascribe to them.

King and Queen of the contemporary Dream pop genre for good reason the song certainly makes me think of Winter, night-time and more specifically the opportunity to observe it from the comfort of my own house, as with reality part of the fun of winter is being able to escape it and I couldn’t think of any more perfect a soundtrack.
(P.s Toro Y Moi also does a cover, louder, brasher and still pretty fantastic).


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