December 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

The Evergreen Mixtape continues! Now ’tis the hour for Marcus to step up and make it count.

Find the rest of this stunning winter mixtape right here


Melodica, Melody and Me – Piece Me Back Together


Distant and pattering drums, snowfall. Voices that cuddle each other, partly because it’s cold outside and partly for pleasure. Either way it’s warming. I had this band in my Summer playlist for the gorgeous haze that seeps out of every note of each song. Here it fits rather well into my morning snow swallowed tramp to work (the highlight of which was a very very posh guy slipping over flamboyantly and then being so embarrassed that he apologised). Today has been an excellent day and I attribute all its glory to Melodica Melody and Me. Having squeezed out of bed I awoke to see a dumping of snow and the state of our house which is suffering from having so many die hard LADs living in it. Both these things are amusing and excellent.

And now I’m in my own bed in my cosy home for the first time since the Summer writing for this cosy blog with cosy songs for earmuffs.



At some point in the next few days I’ll post up a live review and an interview with these guys from a few days back. Can’t get enough.




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