December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last post before Christmas is upon us.

Paper. Paper is to be my theme for today.

A) Because I am going to do a fair bit of present wrapping which will involve a fair amount of the stuff.

B) I was just going to to a post on Paper Tiger but then saw how many excellent bands have the word paper in them. Here are 3 of them

C) I want an iPad and so am preparing myself for an existence in which paper is a sentimental luxury which only old fashioned morons bother with.

Paper Tiger – Bully Plank

Cant get much better than smooth-pouring basslines, drums to make your shoulder dance with your neck, and sampled beat pianos that repeat and repeat until they find their feet before closing their eyes to meet and to greet you. Then put that through a reverse pedal. Paper Tiger is the best name for any kind of musical adventure and Bully Plank is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year.


Papercranes – Knew You When

Papercranes are one of several bands that I listened to thanks to a compilation put together by Michael Stipe about 6 years ago for Uncut Magazine. Along with Tilly and The Wall, Vic Chesnutt and Bright Eyes there was Knew You When. Gentle yet weighted and very beautiful, it hurts to skip this.


Paper Aeroplanes – Lost

Thanks to Beat Surrender for this pretty thing. There should be something melodramatic about twinkling piano flickers, the  faded, vintage footed guitars/vox and horizon-watching strings, and in a way there is with Lost but it has to be that way. Female vocals are wonderful.



Before I break for Christmas, have a listen to the Distorted Disco Records Christmas Compilation it is very good.





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