Large Unsettling Spaceship.

January 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Akron/Family-So It Goes

It is an unpleasant feeling knowing that work is looming over your head, horrid essay questions featuring disgusting words such as ‘pyschoanalytic interpretation’ ‘comic devices’ and ‘deadline’. Its that point in sci-fi films where an unsettlingly sized spaceship is hovering over the earth, thus far dormant but still unnerving enough to make people stare dramatically into the sky for inordinate amounts of time.

During this time of mounting fear I unearthed a gem from Akron/Family. It appealed to me because the song really does not give a shit. It is a strange concept for the song not to give a shit but it seems somewhat appropriate. Guitars sprawling around Seth Olinsky’s laissez-faire vocal, appropriate considering the track’s title then after 2 minutes of blues clash and clatter you get a Beach Boys-esque outro complete with lullaby harmonies and tingling keyboards.

It made me sit back and relax, the music isn’t particularly relaxing but it is the notion of the song which made me noticeably calmer about that dreaded spaceship in the sky.

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