January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Infinite Body – Dive


Seagulls on the pond in the park are really excitable. They flutter around the surface, every so often plunging, then swooping off, high! But then back, greeting and swirling around other seagulls they meet. Socialising with the geese even, but that’s a long shot. Then high! Diving off once more. Then it seems that the general feel is drifting away from the hububbling pond and rather to a frantic cloud high above the humming Oak Trees. That’s where they really go for the climactic swoop/swirl/greet – they even make patterns to the human eye. It’s all a disguise for the real important discussions that are going on. For the seagulls are wondering where to go next.

And then I look back at my feet that are planted on the concrete path that runs beneath the place I sit. The lines and angles that explode out of every corner of every structure seem more vivid than before. And the light reflecting off a glancing eye is enough to sustain an erratic speed. Enough to keep me awake on the bus in the mornings, when the sunrise is vitalising.

Infinite Body enhances all part of your mind that does not work mathematically, especially Dive.



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