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January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Zoo Kid – Out Getting Ribs

When you hear a voice like this coming out of a 16 year old guy, you know you’re onto something special. Each song resonates with maturity, yet it feels so strangely relatable. Out getting ribs makes me think. You know, when a song gives you such a strong inclination to start thinking about something you almost lose those minutes in time, because, well, you are thinking so much. Maybe about that thing you didn’t do. About that thing you didn’t say. About that thing you wish you’d done. About that thing you’re never going to get back. About that thing you want to do, about that thing that slipped away, about that thing you can’t decide on. About that thing you wish you could do. About that thing you’re no good at. Until suddenly the song ends and you have to put it back on again.



A to B

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White Lies – Nothing To Give (M83 Remix)

Being at university, it’s really easy to get into this sort of bubble. You suddenly have so much time. This seemingly infinite moment in your existence where you can be who you want, do what you want and it comes with this feeling of complete fearless-ness. There is the point though (which if like me, you reached successfully by Christmas) where the loan is drained, the overdraft is being hungrily nibbled at and you’re now living off tea and cigarettes for the foreseeable future. It’s at this point we have to shamefully dip into the bank of mutti and vati, bursting the bubble until the next instalment of funds. I didn’t feel homesick at this point, but I started thinking about strange things at home I missed. One of them actually turned out to be the bus home. I missed that 30 minutes, where I was neither at point A or B. When I could plug my headphones in, look out of the window and just simply think.

I stumbled across a remix of White Lies which jolted this strange memoir of home. Their music always give me this weird feeling of elevation, with vocals that pull on your heartstrings and subtle injections of, in this instance, violin which evoke a whole other dimension to their songs. M83 are along the same lines, and they’ve done this song so much justice. Throwing over it a cosmic wash, with mind-melting synths and a swelling bass which when collided, turn into something somewhat otherworldly.

It definitely made me miss those self-indulgent 30 minutes, and I’d of loved to be watching the world (well, Kesgrave) simply pass me by.

Fortunate Friends

January 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

Foxx Bandits – Paper Planes

So it’s 7.16am and I haven’t quite been to bed yet. I’ve been mulling over this first post for a couple of days. Scrapped and some more scrapping. I think it’s something to do with new year and the coming of a whole 365 days of guaranteed new swell of musical delights (well, my first post on APFOS maybe too). It’s dead exciting but at the same time, it’s sort of like where do I start?

Listening to Foxx Bandits on a big fat comedown of a New Year’s day really did somewhat cuddle my frazzled head in a way that a band hadn’t done for a long time. Their EP ‘Gold Dresses’ is just, simply, wonderful. You put it on and you just get this familiar feeling. Like when you randomly catch a nice smell which gives you this vivid memory of being somewhere pleasant a long time ago; you can’t place it, but it makes you smile. It was like going back two or three years, but without the cringing. Like someone had gone through all those years and taken each of the happiest moments and given them to me in a nicely wrapped box. However, it’s their cover of Paper Planes that I was lying there listening to on repeat. I spent ages thinking who is the original by? I just couldn’t put my finger on it even though it’s such a massive track. They take it to this whole other place, like it’s been put in an oven and come out as this really yummy cake. “Dreampop folkgaze” is the genre they’re under on one of their tracks and it catches every element of their psychadelic yet washed-out, straight up yet continuously unpredictable sound.

This is how the beginning to a New Year should be.

Nice to be with you seedy people,
Milly X

Evergreen SIIIds

December 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

Number III in our Evergreen Seeds mixtape, check out the other entries right here,

(first every APFOS written by a girl, huzzah)

I’ll try and keep this short and sweet.

I don’t know about you, but Winter to me involves a few things. In my top ten – generally falling over a lot, getting horrendously drunk on gin, listening to mixes far too late in the night, many a cup of tea with new friends and mince pies.

All of the above are what somehow wonderfully led me to discover a couple cool guys from Boston, who make even cooler music. Fitting nicely with the ridiculously cold weather, I’ve found myself listening to their stuff almost constantly (some might say a little too much). Soul Clap are fascinating not just because of the music they make but also their history. They literally locked themselves away until they reached their perception of perfection, later having a mooch around to observe other wonders such as Josh Wink and Carl Craig, until finally going out into the world to give us pure amazingness. Some would say I’m a little late on this one, but I think everyone needs to have some Soul Clap in their lives at some point.

When Marcus asked me to write about a song, I was a little torn. There are three stand out tracks for me at the minute (I reckon I’ve probably accounted for a large majority of the plays on sound cloud) however I managed to finally put my finger on one little beaut. Extravaganza. Ok so I put this on again, and even though it’s on it’s 100th play of the day, I’m still sitting in my chair nodding my head and pulling really, really stupid faces. This is my sort of christmas song. As it comes in with the bells and a rather cheeky bassline, you’re kind of left thinking where’s this one going. Thirty seconds in however you get a vocal snip which is definitely one of those “Ohh” moments. Then it all kind of melts into this bliss of foot-tapping rhythm until quarter of the way through when boom. You get hit with this ultra smooth voice which doesn’t leave you until the very end, and oh boy it’s good. As I’m hugging my mug of tea and wiggling my toes in three layers of wooly socks, in come the claps and that’s me hook, line and sinker.

This is just one of those songs that you put on and you feel cool. Really cool. I’m going to spend my holidays dancing round my room to this (including the mum-walk-in-moment of course) and I think you should too.

Not so short… but very very sweet.



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