Chirpy Balloons & it’s gonna be alright

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Brothertiger – Lovers

That hollow-body feeling when you release a beloved balloon in to the sky. That feeling when you watch the balloon float off, growing ever more a shade of black, into the sky, never to be seen again…

[download song]

But it doesn’t have to be this balloon analogy; it could be any slightly frowny situation – whether it be that mounting stress of days, friend bickering or even the word that governs the name of this song (I admire your capacity). It’s a simple concept: you’re feeling grey/black/blue and this blinding song makes a hearty cheer-up in its 3 minute duration. Just like loads of other songs, but, you know, just saying, here’s another one!

“It’s gonna be alright”




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Infinite Body – Dive


Seagulls on the pond in the park are really excitable. They flutter around the surface, every so often plunging, then swooping off, high! But then back, greeting and swirling around other seagulls they meet. Socialising with the geese even, but that’s a long shot. Then high! Diving off once more. Then it seems that the general feel is drifting away from the hububbling pond and rather to a frantic cloud high above the humming Oak Trees. That’s where they really go for the climactic swoop/swirl/greet – they even make patterns to the human eye. It’s all a disguise for the real important discussions that are going on. For the seagulls are wondering where to go next.

And then I look back at my feet that are planted on the concrete path that runs beneath the place I sit. The lines and angles that explode out of every corner of every structure seem more vivid than before. And the light reflecting off a glancing eye is enough to sustain an erratic speed. Enough to keep me awake on the bus in the mornings, when the sunrise is vitalising.

Infinite Body enhances all part of your mind that does not work mathematically, especially Dive.


Sleep Well

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Geotic – Unwind

Girl, with so much emotion, welling and mounting up inside your veins and your body. You feel like the skin is containing everything you don’t know how to say. And he, he stands so close in front of you, watching your eyes glaze over, trying not to say the things he feels – for he knows they will grow up inside you; you might even faint. So he bids a farewell that will last forever into the night and the dark hours away, he bids a farewell which for that one intense moment seems almost permanent. He leaves. You were standing there. He rests his head on the bus seat in front of him, tremors shaking up to his head until he can’t breathe for the feeling of it all. And then. Then he deep-breathes and dazes over into the stars and street-lamp eyes that he can see in his position to the bus window, he lets all the intensified inexplicable emotion that has mounted up within his chest grow outwards… Until it fills his whole entire being.

As I unwind, I start to feel that glow again, that glow that is you in my excitable center: I will see you tomorrow. Just let us unwind first. Let us breathe and inhale the sea around our dreams. Let us regain focus. And sleep.

I don’t know… it seems raw to post such music in such an impersonal way. We should not make a song and dance about it all, not about Geotic. It’s legal to download this kind boy’s most recent music for free, I’m sure you can find out where.


My Excited Heart

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I’m so happy in the light of glow and moon.  I clasp on to the positivity from a day  before like I would a camera, a holy book, like I would a friend. We have no time limit and the fading highroad ahead has never seemed so inviting.

32nd December is usually a time for throwing up all the shit you consumed over the previous 12 months…

…But that seems so silly when you’re dry and buzzing with dreary eyes and an excitable heart. ♥

Baromet – Polar-noon Highroad

By god does this song make you think about it all.

thanks for the year,


cheery dance move therapy

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Milk White White Teeth   –   Part I – The Son

This song makes me think about other faces and fairy lights. It’s like there’s a five metre square raft in the middle of a smokey room, washing about in the bass and the sparkly cymbals, mesmerising with a wash of lcd lights and their respective glints in the eyes of my fellow-aged friends. Soaking in cheeriness and the warmth of skin; the output of this song wells up inside your body – humming. It’s a theme to Milk White White Teeth’s newest album (which you can download simply by placing your social network allegiances with the band). This music makes me excited about the vagueness that is New Year’s Eve and that’s pretty special – I think it’s something to do with how it eradicates all tenseness into blinding dance moves. Bring on the 32nd of December, I’m ready for you. x


I’m Looking At You

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“I’m looking at you and you’re looking at me.”

And the song works around that.

“Smile on our face as we go on this ride.”

Because that’s so true! It’s all positive these days and that’s rare for most of us (we who enthuse on music) – silence is usually broken by introspective headphone musings. But we all know those days! This song is light on light and a precise pinch on that abstract warm glow that takes hold of the being in its entirety from time to time. All in the direction of someone else.

Long Walks on the Beach – metaPhysical


Profile Picture Blues

December 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

{kudos Louis for output}

I have pains in my head, nothing in my head. It’s not a nice process trying to fill up your empty mind with harmonious yet terribly monotonous decibels. That is, unless, every element of the decibel is entirely fitting. Don’t fuck with me, don’t fuck with me – that. THAT+ the pendulum tictac bass/flack PLUS the fuzzy-tingling mixture of digital melody that sort of swallows up the whole creation together till it’s tip-toeing elegantly through your ear-sensory things like a bloody systematic purposeful piece of genius. That’s when you suddenly feel full-up to the brim with a blood that you didn’t realise you had before. It’s all credit to Jai Paul who’s identity rests in London. Up till hearing this song, I was half-buried in myself and other unable-to-be-seen beings and feeling like I was part of some ghostly metal desert with nothing to look at. Now, I feel like I’m real, in a real world with real things to look at. I feel alive yet also quite drunk, it’s a positive mixture for an otherwise nothing evening of laptop screens and usernames and profile pictures. *INHALE!*… Louder!

Jai Paul – BTSTU


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